Whisper International

Whisper International Ltd is a multifaceted concept, design and manufacturing provider into the multiple retail sector in short we can take your ideas and turn them into shelf ready retail products, either using your briefs or we can create concept and design based around an existing product.

As a concept management company, we are especially creative when it comes to creating new giftware lines based around opportunity purchases, whether presented to us in bulk or as shelf-ready items that require additions, or re-presenting to create a new bespoke product.

Our Many services include:

Whisper Concept Presentation item

Concept presentation

We can organise all your needs with regards to turning your concept into an actual bespoke product that cannot be benchmarked in your specific marketplace, whether it be the discount sector, multiple retail or high-end luxury product market.

At this stage we facilitate this by way of an informal meeting to enable us to identify your needs with regards to the product you are trying to create and the market you wish to target.

Although we, of course, work to your brief, one of our major strengths is being able to think outside the box with regard to packaging design and artwork to produce a truly unique product that does not already exist, so giving our clients an edge over their competitors within their given market.

Whisper Design and Artwork example

Design and artwork

At this stage we take the ideas and concepts developed from the informal concept meeting and begin to create a tangible product for you to work with.

This is done firstly through flat artwork for you to scrutinise and when, and if, any modifications have been applied, we will then create a mock-up sample for your presentation and approval.

Whisper Manufacture example


At this point you will have been given a full quote for either our services to design, manufacture and deliver your own product or a cost price for any of our own product designs you may have chosen to purchase. Upon agreement of this quote and an official PO, we will provide all design artwork, packaging and labour to produce and deliver your agreed product.

Whisper Giftware Manufacturer example

Giftware Manufacturer

As well as offering a full design and manufacturing service, we have also designed our own range of ever-evolving gift lines based mainly around grocery, confectionery and alcohol gift sets, which are all available to view on this website. Please feel free to browse and contact our sales team if you require any further information.

Whisper Clearance and job lot buyers

Opportunity Purchasing

Again, operating mainly but not exclusively in the grocery, confectionery and alcohol market, we periodically allocate budget to opportunity purchases. This we either sell on discreetly to our many customers here and abroad or utilise in our gift set concept work, either by adding on to our clients’ own products to create new packs or by way of purchasing new regular stock to marry with the opportunity line to produce our own new products for general sale.

To discuss opportunity purchasing, please contact a member of our buying team.

Whisper Co- pack

Private Label

Whisper pride themselves on being a market leader in the design and manufacture of own label/private label products. These can either be bespoke and to brief or can be simply an own label version of an existing retail concept already in the market place, we can work with either a client’s own brand or offer one of our own existing label brands.

Whisper Brand liaison

Brand liaison

We currently produce branded products bearing the Whisper logo alongside the brand logos under licence for Kellogg’s, Pringles, Duerr’s jams, Cadbury’s, McVities, Burtons, Nestle, Pataks, Blue Dragon, and Reggae Reggae where we have created, designed and supplied, in new gift packaging, goods that Whisper Int. own the worldwide rights for.

Our Management Team

With over 120 years combined experience within our industry there are not a lot of challenges we have come up against which we have not been able to overcome, and we are sure this is the reason why we have been able to carve our own path within the commodity market which many other suppliers have been either unable or unwilling to pursue.

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